Spelling Exercise for Short Vowel Words

I saw a great spelling exercise on Alison Clarke’s  Spelfabet blog.

Presently, as we teach children to read, we also require them to spell and put the same word in a sentence. For example: We read it, spell it and put it in a sentence:

Read: pat, spell: p-a-t, sentence: I pat my dog on the head when he sits on command.

NOW we can add a fourth exercise if it applies.

For a challenge, spell it backwards: t-a-p and then sound it out: tap and then put it in a sentence: I tap my shoes on the floor when I enter  the house.

What a great idea! Spell it backwards and say it! That helps with letter sounds and is just a fun exercise for the brain.  Here’s Alison’s blog on this topic: Write it backwards by Alison Clarke – Spelfabet